Working toward a water-friendly future

Our Aim

Designing and manufacturing next gen solutions for Water Treatment
Vai a Sustainability


Our goal is to design solutions that can make a difference for the environment and people around the world

Vai a Reliability


Building upon a 30+ experience in WT we are vertically integrated to provide a wide range of solutions

Vai a Customer centric

Customer centric

There’s no such a thing as a standard solutions for us. We design customize solutions for any of our clients


Our Industrial Water Treatment solutions are wide and deep
Car wash, automotive, general utilities, power generation are some of our Client's industries

Thanks to its 30+ years of experience we have had the chance to develop solutions for a wide range of industries and on a wide range of pollutants. We are currently working with clients in the Automotive industry, for aerospace and transportation, for the car wash industry, in power generation.


A fully integrated company for the Water Treatment

Chemical-physical plants

Tough and cost effective
Designed and manufactured in house are the gold standard of the industry. Designed to withstand any environment and to preserve client’s investment are able to treat up to 20 m3/h.


A wide range of chemical for water treatment
WNP has more than 20 formulas to treat a wide range of industrial wastewater


New direction for water treatment
Thanks to our extensive nanotech-based research we’ve developed a new generation of water purifiers that rely only on UV lights and nanotechnologies to provide clean water for human consumption